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Default Users and websites aren't created

I am very new to linux, but i've been running Apache/MySql/PHP on windows boxes for a couple years now. I installed fedora linux to the perfect setup guide (cept I used DCHP and set the LAN IP to be static in the router.) My IP is dynamic, but I use a free DynDNS. (

I had a bit of trouble installing ISPConfig at first, because I was forwarding my domain to a backup server on the network. This caused the first install to fail. I deleted all the files that were mentioned here on the forums in some other posts, and started over.

This time the install appeared to work. The login page comes up fine from LAN and outside.

I created a user (test), and created a site for this user.
Hostname: www

I'm not really sure exactly where the website is supposed to be... but I don't think it was ever created... there are also no users created for proFTPd. /var/www/html is empty, as are anything else I figured might be the htdocs folder... plus I did a file search for test and www... didn't see anything with that either...

Any idea what is wrong?

Edit: I probably should mention that the test user can log in to the ISPConfig, he just doesn't appear to actually get an FTP or website or anything aside from the config for one in his control panel.

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