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Default ISPConfig lost control of DNS and other services


I wonder if someone could give me some help in this problem: somehow ISPConfig isn't controlling DNS records of my server anymore. My problem is that only the old domains that I have configured earlier are working, but now when I try to add a new one, the change that I have made in ISPConfig doesn't reflect at named.conf. I can see there only the old domains. The DNS test at gives me " returned (NORECORDS)". Worse than that, it seems that I can't even turn off or restart ANY service from ISPConfig. All the web pages that I have configured earlier are working perfect, though.

I'm using Centos 4, and I haven't done any manual changes on the system. I've done the "perfect server install" and I've been maintaning the system with yum upgrade every now and then and I've updated ISPConfig to the latest stable version. The only major modification on the system is that I've added PHP 5.2 through a private repository with yum.


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