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managed to get raid and the lvm mounted in knoppix and could see the files in the /home area. So after this I wanted to see if I could restart the install of Ubuntu 8.10 using the alternative installer repair to get myself up and going again. his is currently what I am working on and have managed to re-install a few times and currently get a

Grub error 15 and a hanging screen with no propmpt. I'll post back if I can find out why this is happening as I am re-formatting all partitions apart from /home on the LVM.



UPDATE - The alternative and server install are not happy working with the raid and LVM setup so I am using knoppix to back data off the lvm and then going for a re-build. Than ks for your help, and any suggestions for partitioning the 4 1TB disks for a file server (Myth TV) and where to put the boot, swap,var,tmp and home e.g. split the raid sets or combine them and partition up?


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