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Default Dynamic DNS & DNS


I registered a domain name with EasyDNS with DNS-Plus service (I'm on cable, behind a router with forwarding) and would like to setup a development web-server.

I installed a "Debian perfect setup" + ISPConfig successfully with external IP and domain name.

I'm a little bit confused about DNS and Bind9 and ISPConfig, because EasyDNS provide control panel to manage A records, and I configured nameservers to those of EasyDNS.

- Should I turn off Bind9 and how?
- Should I point to their nameservers?

There is no problem seeing the ISPConfig server from outside, but I have difficulties to set subdomains as "" and "" so that they point to different web pages.

Should I add IPs to /etc/hosts for each subdomains?

Does anybody know examples on how to setup ISPConfig with dynamic DNS with nameserver of i.e. EasyDNS?
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