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Could you be talking about the additional Apache directives option under Sites -> Domain -> $website -> Options -> Apache directives?

BTW, I think I may have stumbled upon a possible bug.
When I insert the following code ISPC3 chokes on it (no updates to the vhost file). But if I place the code in a file and then use the 'Include /path/to/file' directive everything works.
DAVLockDB /var/clients/client0/web1/tmp/DAVLock

Alias /webdav /var/clients/client0/web1/
<Location /webdav>
  DAV On
  AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
  AuthUserFile /dev/null
  AuthMySQL On
  AuthName "WebDAV Authering Service"
  AuthType Basic
  Auth_MySQL_Host localhost
  Auth_MySQL_User ispconfig
  Auth_MySQL_Password ***************************
  AuthMySQL_DB dbispconfig
  AuthMySQL_Password_Table ftp_user
  Auth_MySQL_Username_Field username
  Auth_MySQL_Password_Field password
# Auth_MySQL_Password_Clause " AND active=y" ## Haven't got this working as of yet. ##
  Auth_MySQL_Group_Table ftp_user
  Auth_MySQL_Group_Field gid
  Auth_MySQL_Encryption_Types Crypt
  Auth_MySQL_Empty_Passwords Off
  Auth_MySQL_Authoritative On
  require group client0

  # Disable all server side processing.
  ForceType text/plain

<IfModule mpm_itk_module>
  AssignUserId web1 client0
The above code works well.
Now if mpm-peruser was just a little easier to install...
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