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Originally Posted by Hagforce
I also want users to be able to change their e-mail pass, forward etc. per address.
In ISPConfig, your users can do these changes themselves. They must go to http(s)://ispconfig_url:81/mailuser

Originally Posted by Hagforce
And be able too give users ftp and web folders like "" where they can upload their homepages.
Have a look at section 2.2.9 here:

Originally Posted by Hagforce
Another qestion, is it posible too run 2 servers where one is backup if the other one fails (has too be up to date with the main one)? And how to do it.
Yes, you can use distributed file systems like Coda. You can also have a look at DRBD, NFS or rsync. But this is not trivial. Have a look at these pages:

Originally Posted by Hagforce
And finaly, what is the best way too backup this server (so that I can get it up an running fast on other hardware if something fails).
The best would be to have a RAID system, i.e. two hard disks, and both contain the same data.
If you don't have a RAID system, have a look at these tutorials:

Originally Posted by Hagforce
What will happen if a SQL base is open when the server is running backup, will it bee corrupted when I try tu reload the backup.
I don't think so.
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