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Originally Posted by marpada View Post
If a user must be resolved to a host and a port is doesn't make sense that you try to add duplicate users, does it?
Same user holding several email address must be allowed which is not considered as duplicate user (on MySQL table maybe). Actually the setup on 2 key components are critical, the config file of perdition and the table of the database, 'tblPerdition'.

The whole system is now working perfectly on Intranet. Incoming mails are routed by the routing mail server to their mail servers running as guests on the Xen box. Mail clients running on workstations on the Intranet can send and receive mails via their own mail server. If allotting each mail server a port my problem may be solved already. But this is NOT the goal of my test. Not many perdition document/link can be found on googling. If I can't solve my problem with Perdition I'll move to nginx.

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