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Hi there,

I suppose I could do some tweaking, I just moved onto other things for now.
One FAQ:
talked about fine tuning. Looks useful, just have not tried yet.

I added ram: was 256 (when had issues), now 512 (still hungry).
Cpu is Duron 800Mhz, Shuttle AK10 mobo.
30 email accounts. was AV + Spamfilter (when had issues), now only AV (seems good).

2 WD IDE 80GB hard drives (raid1, hda, hdc) not using "Quota" (could not figure out how to do Quota with raid1 w/in fstab file).

Note: I did the same setup on a P3 833Mhz, 512Mb ram, near-same all other hardware. I got the near-same results from Spamassassin enabled on the email accounts (near 100% cpu jump while sending to the email acct w/spamassassin enabled, minimal cpu% with only AV enabled).

I may try tweaking Spamassasin in a few days, I'll be sure to let you folks know of outcome if you like, Maybe I should have tried Debian for the older hardware?? !!

(I liked the Fedora Raid setup, was easier than debian ).

Thanks always,

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