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Hello, DarkArchon!

If I understand well, your current hardware is a Dell D800 lappie, and Ubuntu Server v8.10 is the OS on it, and it's running VMware Server v2.x( that has a web-interface only, no stand-alone client ).

The web-interface can be reached via the port you have set up during the install( default is http://your_hostname:8222 and https://your_hostname:8333 ).

You have to install an extension in Firefox(Windows or Linux alike) or Internet Explorer(Windows only :-) ), to get to the _console_ of the running virtual machine, so it's like a cheap KVM over IP :-)

Then you have complete control over the virtual machine.

If you want to reach that virtual machine via ssh, you have to make sure, that the virtual machine has a "Bridged" network adapter installed, and the guest OS has ssh server running on it.
(This is the virtualization of a physical machine's setup, so you just add a network card, and install an ssh-server on it -> voila, can be reached via ssh )

Hope this helps, but -if any questions arise- reply with your questions.
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