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Originally Posted by sjau View Post
why do you even go to countries where basic human rights are being violated?
Hahahaha.. you're right! Problem solved!

But seriously, one might be born in a country where human rights are never heard off, until some western tourist poison's the naive minds of the rural people. Luckily great leader, Kim Jung-il is keeping these white devils and their liberal western lies away from harming the nation like he does with basic health care, education and food.

I was born in a democracy and still live in the same country, but I never have trusted or will trust the powers that be. I do not have to fear for finger chopping goons, but the system is rigid and once accused is the death sentence for the life I've come to enjoy. I can name numerous cases of wrongfully accused that lost it all, thanks to tunnel vision of police and the ministry of justice. Freedom is never given, but always taken.
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