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Actualy thanks to you i figured it out.

i searching around in this forum for hours the first thing i fund that looked identical to mine problem.

(a post you solved)

the right rights to /srv/www/web1/ set it 755

but after a few hours of reading all posts regarding postfix written by you i tried to chmod al user dirs 755

and so on and it fixed it.

but how does i get the mbox files to the mail dir so all the lost mail can be read ??

looked at mb2md downloaded it but dont know howto use it

when i try

./mb2md -s /var/spool/mail/donto -R -d /srv/www/web1/user/donto/Maildir
There should be 2 or 3 args. Read the script for full doco!

i have been reading the docu but i cant seeme to get it to work what should the sommand look like ??

thanks falko

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