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Lightbulb Automating DNS entries for Gogle Apps in ISPConfig 2/3

Hi, I looked for some thread like this in the forum, but didn''t manage to find any.

So: I have been working on implementing a few domains in my servers to use Google Apps, and found it to be quite tedious, since one have to include 7 mx entries and one or two CNAME records for each domain, besides changing the setting from local server to external mail server. All the same steps for each site.

I thought about changing the code that creates the (main) DNS entries and including these changes for Google Apps. AS many people today uses these services, it could be quite useful for many people (I think)

I went through sweeping the database structure in order to find out how are the DNS entries related to each domain, but couldn't figure it out alone.

Can anyone help me with this idea?
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