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Default Set Operations in Unix Shell

Hi all!

I wanted to share a nice article/tutorial that I wrote about doing various set operations in Unix shell. I used awk, comm, sort, uniq, diff, join, head, tail, and other Unix utilities to do that.

The article explains 14 various set operations:
  • Set Membership.
  • Set Equality.
  • Set Cardinality.
  • Subset Test.
  • Set Union.
  • Set Intersection.
  • Set Complement.
  • Set Symmetric Difference.
  • Power Set.
  • Set Cartesian Product.
  • Disjoint Set Test.
  • Empty Set Test.
  • Minimum.
  • Maximum.

The article can be read here: Set Operations in Unix Shell

I also created a .txt version of the article. It can be downloaded here: setops.txt

What do you think about it?
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