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Lightbulb quick tip!

Originally Posted by mphayesuk
9) run this command raidhotadd /dev/md0 /dev/sd?? (the hard drive that is not in the list)

The command will look as though it has been run as you are returned to the shell quickly but what you will notice is that the hard drives will then have activity as the data is copied to the new hard drive. Dont know how long this will take I did it and left it over night.


I hope this guide helps someone, it took me a week or so to work it out, also a big thankyou to Ryoken for his tips that helped me and of course Falko and Till. ** Forum Moderators... you can do what you want with this guide... move it and/or edit it if you think you can add something to it.

thanks mphayesuk for writing up this excellent guide on software raid for suse 9.3. i am confident that it will of great help to many people here

in relation to step 9 above, you can easily check the status of the synchronisation (after raidhotadd is run) by typing this:

cat /proc/mdstat

this will give you a nice graphical view of the raid rebuilding process, including percentage completed and estimated time remaining. you could also combine the above command with "watch" to periodically monitor the status of the rebuilding process.
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