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Default ispconfig + typo3 + and files not visible in ispconfig

Hello all,

I have ispconfig installed on debian 3.1. I create a website and want to intall typo3 in it.
When I unpack the typo3 files In /var/www/web1/web then I can see it in console, when I have access via ftp to the web site then there are no files in /web. So when I browse to install
"http://domain.tld/typo3/install/index.php" then I get "opjekt not found".
Okay I delete all typo3 via console and paste it via ftp in /web. I can see the files via ftp but when I have look via console in /web nothing is in there and I get the same message "Opject not found" when I browse to typo3 install tool.
It seems that something is wrong with ispconfig. Or is there a other failure?
I also disabled "php-safe- mode" for the web.
So what is wrong?

Can someone help?


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