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Default CentOS 5 Net Install - What to enter in Nameserver field?

Hi everyone! I'm new to setting up linux servers and am after a bit of advice!

This picture asks my question in a nutshell:

(I have tried my router, my ISP's nameservers as per window's ipconfig /all, and public DNS's)

It works great if I choose DHCP, but really I want to set everything up manually. But I don't know what to put in the nameserver field?

If you want more detail, please do read on!

It's a CentOS 5.2 net install ISO.

If I choose manual config:

I get the screen I've linked to at the top of this post and don't know what to put in the Name Server field. Everything I've tried in this field results in this for a few minutes:

Then I get this:

But if I try and download an image as per above, I get this for five minutes:

Then this:

However, if I choose DHCP it all works. But that's not teaching me anything, I would rather know what I'm doing wrong!

With DHCP I get this:

Then I get this:

And this:

Followed by this, as expected:

I really appreciate any help.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
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