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Originally Posted by Jcorrea920
I don't have and infection after running the scans but there were some interesting results. When scanning hidden files:
I don't think it's something serious, but have a look at /dev/.udevdb anyway:
ls -la /dev/.udevdb

Originally Posted by Jcorrea920
And then a security advisory says that root login through SSH is possible:
This means only that root logins are allowed - this doesn't mean that your server got hackec or that anyone can get in without knowing the root password. A more secure configuration would be to disallow root logins, then you'd have to log in as another user first and then use su to become root.

Originally Posted by Jcorrea920
What I need is to a conversion from mbox to Maildir/ and I need to start up my CyrusIMAP and forget about ipop3d. With ISPConfig all of the email accounts do not have shell accounts so running a generic conversion tool under the specified user's shell account would be pointless. How could I fix the problem? How could I do that with ISPConfig?
If you want to use Maildir, then you must enable Maildir in ISPConfig: Management -> Server -> Settings -> Maildir.
To convert from mbox to Maildir, have a look at mb2md:
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