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Well I have done this and I still get the Shared IP page.

BTW, I have one record in the DNS Manager and that is my entry. So far this is the first site on the server and it is the server site that I placed as a client and site under admin. I have not set and resellers or added any other clients or sites yet.

I still get the shared IP page and I have only one site so far? I am also confused why I want to make a new IP for the server site. If the server address is would it not have that IP address as the main site on the server?

So if I need to have a unique IP fir each domain name then when I go live I would need a real IP for each domain name I register? I thought having virtual sites was the point of sharing 1 IP for multiple domains.

I think I am even more so confused now and I still can't get to a page on the server other then Shared IP.

My thinking was I would just set up the home page / website for main server itself as if it was a hostign company main page for sales and info. This was the first site I made under ADMIN.

I had intended on creating a reseller or several client sites for all of my customers or test customers in this case. I figured the objective of virtual hosting was to have the the various domain names mapped to various actual user accounts / directorys in the webserver therefore hosting multiple domains on one server with only 1 static IP.

I must be wrong in understanding what this is all about. All I know is that I wanted to replace the virtual hosting services I am paying for now for 5 differnet domains I own by running a server and hosting them from my office.

This is hard stuff. I don't want to give up but I fear I am lost.
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