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Default Internal Server Error

I recently installed ISPConfig on my server. The server is running Fedora Core 4 and I followed the "Perfect Setup" How-to in preparing it for ISPConfig.

Everything appears to be working pretty good. I was able to create a reseller account, client account, add a site, and upload files via ftp. My problem is that after I uploaded the files for drupal I'm getting an error page that says ive encountered an internal server error and my request cannot be processed. The site i'm trying to build is at and you will see the error if you go there.

the client and site has permissions to run php scripts. This is my first time attempted to use ISPConfig so I know very little as to how it all operates. The server is at

One other question I have is regarding the Shared IP page that is at Can I put a site there, where users can sign up for hosting? Or does everything have to be done from the backend on port 81?
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