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Default md5?

Hi, I'm new to Linux. I'm currently downloading Mandrake 10.1 (the iso images). Now in the download directory I found a file called Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official-Download-CD.md5 with the following lines in it:

7833f17c3fbe95581c48cf3848792d21  Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official-Download-CD1.i586.iso
5850545e8fa3f63323a90b1403ec5064  Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official-Download-CD2.i586.iso
029f660c78e29427f775a54284fb7085  Mandrakelinux-10.1-Official-Download-CD3.i586.iso
What is it good for?


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