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Tanks for pointing till. This is the only reason why my IP would be listed.

Dynamic User/Host List Database (DUHL)

Listing is performed manually after contact from netizens or ISPs indicating dynamically assigned space, or whenever SORBS admins notice the same, for example by receiving spam from such an address range.

Note: This list should not list static address space, not even dialups. This is for any dynamically assigned space regardless of the method of connecting them to the Internet.

And if this is the case, while the IP is listed in the blacklist db, mail might not arrive to it's destination because some email servers use blacklist db? I can't contact and complain to my ISP since I am on a residential account and not allowed to run any type of server . I guess i'll have to live with this until I upgrade. Which is another 4 months to the end of my contract.
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