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Question Problem using ISPConfig, Google Apps and PHP's sendmail()


I just fixed one problem in another thread, and stuck on another one.

The DNS problem for using Google Apps is all discussed in this thread, so I successfully set them, and my mail goes to Google Apps succesfully. Thanks for the help.

BUT, I had a further problem:

The servers I administer are primarily for use with webstores, which makes them send lots of emails from PHP to the store owner.

one store is set at, and has the mx records pointing to Gmail in the DNS Manager

In ISP Manager, ISP Site / Options I changed the mailserver to "External mailserver" for all sites using the domain.

It should be enough to have this domain working, but any emails sent from the server are lost - I placed a code to log any emails sent from the scripts, and found this behaviour. The script updates the logs with the emails and subsequently, it sends the email, but it looks to be lost after being sent. It's not even on the trashbox (I thought gmail would do this trashing thing, just as hotmail, but it's not)

This is happening with 2 servers, could it be some other misconfiguration?
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