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Default setting www in DNS Manager


I have a little problem wit setting up some entries with DNS manager.
Maybe somebody has an idea what is going worng here.

First for the situation:
I have a customer who wants to use apples mobileMe Service.
For this some name server entries have to be changed.
An CNAME entry for www pointing to should be created.
As in the domain already an A record for www is existing i deleted this first and cleard the trash bin.
Then I tried setting up a CNAME entry with host=www and target
For this I get an error message: Für diesen Host existiert schon ein A-Record in dieser Zone. (For this host an A-Record is already existing).
I rechecked the trash bin already and searched the files in /etc/bind/ for this entry but could not find one.
If I check the nameserver with dig for www I get an correct answer for an existing entry.

Any hint on that? Another problem is that I can not recreate the A-record for www either.

In hope of help ...
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