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I took the info from:

I found another issue, and I think is the same crap:

I made a code to know the memory used by my scripts and I put below config.php file of all all my sites (several domains)

Well, Imagine that I have and

Each domain use a memory of 10Mb (I tested in the past)

Now happened the following:

I open domain1 website and display that I am using 10Mb
I open domain2 website and display that I am using 20Mb
I open domain3 website and display that I am using 30Mb

Seems that the domain1 take the domain2, and domain3 take domain1 and domain2 to operate.

So the conclusion is that the domains are connected from virtualhost like you told me, but where? I have no idea.

Have you got any idea with my updated issue?

Thank you very much!
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