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Originally Posted by falko View Post
What are your settings under Management > Server > Settings > DNS?
I attached the screenshot for the DNS settings

Which distribution are you using?
Sorry, I should have provided this before. It's a Debian etch 64, hosted at with the minimal install and set according to your Debian Perfect setup tutorial.

The only difference is that I didn't install webalizer, and placed awstats instead, as well as the phpmyadmin addon.

[also, the admin email in the dns settings was updated now, it was root@localhost before]

Thank you.

I also noticed that changes in the DNS manager (added a new A record and mx records to use Google Apps) weren't saved into the zone file, I had to manually write the new records.
And the email creator has not created the ^/users/webXX_user/ folders as well

Looking into .../scripts/lib/classes/ispconfig_bind.lib.php, I found the query that causes that "The argument should be an array in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/classes/ispconfig_bind.lib.php on line 68".
The table dns_ptr is empty, and I don't know what it should contain, since the other ispconfig I have installed doesn't have this table at all (v. 2.2.15)

I'm afraid that it will be necessary to reinstall ISPConfig (?). and if so, all settings I did this week will have to be redone :-(
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