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Default worth to invest some time?

Falko: Really - kudos. Great tutorial.

So I've decided to fudge it all up. I installed postfixadmin (, then modified the /etc/postfix/mysql-virtual_*.cf files and authmysqlrc to reflect the table changes.

I can't authenticate anything now, and I'm just slightly out of my element in tracking this down. I know your tutorial wants to use the built-in mysql encrypt command. I know postfixadmin gives some options that include md5, which I've read is different than mysql's md5.

My mail logs show authdaemond burping out the following sql query when attempting to login and I'm not sure how it's coming up with it:

SELECT username, password, "", 5000, 5000, maildir, CONCAT(SUBSTRING_INDEX(username,'@',-1),'/',SUBSTRING_INDEX(username,'@',1),'/'), quota, name, "" FROM mailbox WHERE username = ""

I'm no stranger to SQL but this confuses me. How does one select a null field? I presume I may have typoed in a file somewhere, but I've triple-checked everything and also done diffs against your original files and only the field and table names are different.


The error right after in the log is: supplied password 'password' does not match encrypted password 'c8cc8e10a6fb2fa4ax1fd6fa4a6a9c097'(not the real values, but the hash is the correct length)

Where would I begin looking for this? authdaemon? postfix configs? Is there a preferred method of encryption that would allow the postfixadmin play nicely with your wonderful setup?

I realize you probably cannot much (if any?) for the postfixadmin, but any insight you're able to point me toward would be greatly appreciated!

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