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Question where are the error logs for ISPConfig?

Hello, guys.

I set up another ISPConfig server this week, with the version 2.2.27. Everything looks fine, but after I created 4 sites with subdomains from the same domain (and a few other tasks), It is now refusing to create a new site.
Or better, it creates the site in the database, but there's no directory for the new site (webXX), and I looked into the bind directory, and there's no entry for the new site there.

Also, If I trash the site it goes to the recycle bin, but I can't remove it from there (Empty Recycle bin), but I can "Restore" it.

Any clues?

Or, is there any log where I could look into what happens when I click "Save" in the ISP manager, to troubleshoot this problem?

(a secondary question: I've been looking all day for it, but couldn't get good info about setting 2 DNS servers for use with 2 installations of ISPConfig, where each can be secondary to the other - is it possible?)

Thanks a lot!
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