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Default new to linux, how to install ubuntu?

I'm trying something new and am confused. I'm familiar with windows 3.11 to XP pro but this linux/ubuntu has me scratching my head.
I've downloaded ubuntu to a folder(ubuntu) on my desktop. I've downloaded and installed ifra recorder.
I've installed the blank cd into my burner, cancelled and opened infra recorder. Went to actions, burn cd, and selected the ubuntu folder in the ubuntu folder on my desktop. Clicked to open and pressed burn.
Cd was burned as far as I can tell successfully. I've put it, the burned ubuntu cd, in the cd rom drive and started the computer.
I get choose language, english press enter get various options and have pressed the try button and also tried the install option and both take me to a blinking cursor in the upper left corner and that's as far as it gets. I've let it go like that for 30 minutes thinking maybe it takes a while but nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong. I'd like to install it on a computer and play around with it to become familiar with it. Below are the specs of the computer

Using a M7VKB ver 1.1 motherboard, amd 1.167ghz cpu, 384mb ram, matrox G4 32mb dual head video card. I've been able to run puppy 3.01 from the cd. I thought I had it, puppy installed to the hard drive but, it didn't boot to puppy with out the cd in the cdrom drive. I have a couple of extra hard drives that have windows on them that i can format and start fresh if that would be best.

I'm computer challenged but am willing to learn and try. A step by step instruction proceedure would be greatly appreciated. TIA Pete
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