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Default Integration with TYPO3

Originally Posted by falko
You create a normal web site using ISPConfig, and then you install Typo3 in the /var/www/<nameofwebsite>/web folder.
If you want Typo3 to use ImageMagick, then you have to turn off PHP Safe Mode for that web site.
Falko, my check with the "Vhosts_ispconfig.conf" shows the following:


DocumentRoot /home/www/web12/web


1. So, do I follow what you said or do I install typo3 in the above "DocumentRoot"?
2. Why is the "DocumentRoot" at "/home/www/web12/web" and not "/home/www/mileswork/web"?
3. How can we ensure that it is pointing to "/home/www/mileswork/web" during registration of client/site in ISPconfig?
4. Would it be easier if I was to install typo3 1st then install ISPconfig?

Installation on SUSE Pro 9.3

Thanks for your help
Jaf Faizal
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