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Default Spamsnake with a 2nd mail server. How 2 redirect SMTP connections

Hello HTF community,

i've 2 mails server, the great spamsnake and the main mail server.
After implementing the spamsnake, i changed the DNS MX records for spamsnake be the first MX record and Main Mailserver the 2nd, to make spamsnake behave like a gateway.

I don't know why, i still ( after 72hrs of DNS propagation) receive emails directly in the main server, instead of them pass all by the spamsnake.

I would like to know if there is any possibility to "redirect" all the external SMTP connections from the Main Mailserver to spamsnake, and than spamsnake knows that have to relay the processed mail to the Main mailserver.

Any sugestions, tips than can be usefull to me?


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