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Default fail2ban permanently banning a persistent offenders

I have fail2ban installed and working, it is banning relay access attempts amongst others. However I have several IP’s that are being persistent and have worked out that they are only banned for a while so they try and when they get banned they wait for a bit and then try again, after they have been unbanded.

I know that I can block IP’s with iptables manually and I have tried this however some program on my system (and I think it was fail2ban) has rewritten the iptables and removed all of my additions.

I went back to the fail2ban documentation to see if there was any thing I could do. In the documentation it sais that you can ban “temporarily or permanently”. I have the temporarily working what I want is a way of permanently banning a persistent offenders. Does any one know how to block persistent offenders with fail2ban.

Thanks in advance.
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