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Default roundcube @ webmail.domain.tld ?? how?

Ok... on a non-ISPConfig I have webmail working fine, and since there are only a few users, its no big deal (debian w/ exim4, courier-imap, etc)

However, setting up a ISPConfig box for a friend. We'll have domains a-plenty, etc. so we need the virtual users, etc. that ISPConfig can supply.

Using the .pkg file from ISPConfig, we can do this very easy, but users have to go to our non-port 80 install to get to roundcube. I've tried copying the roundcube directory, aliasing it, symlinking it, etc. so it shows up in their webspace or as a subdomain, and no joy. Either I get internal server errors, or they have to enter their webN_username name instead of user@domain to login.

So.. how can I use the nice virtual-ness of the roundcube .pkg in ISPConfig and have it show up for users as webmail.domain.tld for each of their domains?

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