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Question Squirrelmail on Suse 9.3

Hello all, I have searched and I do not see this covered in the forums, so I am posting in hopes someone could point me in the right direction. I also checked to no avail with this problem. I have Squirrelmail running on my Suse 9.3 server, I also run postfix, and courier-imap. The K-Mail sends and receives fine using the Mail-dir locations for the user accounts I set up. But I wanted a Webmail service and thought squirrelmail was the answer. The Squirrelmail config runs and works fine, the problem is when I try to login it tells me "Unknown user or password incorrect". A bit of research on the internet reveiled to me that it is looking for the Imap server login. Is that right? And if so, I have scoured my own server files looking for the config file that would tell me what that is (username, password). Initially I thought it might be my root login info, but thats not it. I tried several user accounts logins but that didnt work either. So I am dumbfounded. Is there a way of calling up the Imap info from the Konsole that would tell me what the username and password is? And in case its blank, is there a way to assign the username and password to Imap via shell/Konsole ? Keep in mind that I am actually trying to just login to Squirrelmail as the admin to setup the user webmail accounts. This just seemed to snowball on me and now it is what it is..... I am a Linux noobie for sure, but I learn very fast. So any answers with detail will help me get the job done. Thanks to everyone in the community for reading my post, and special thanks to those that respond.
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