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Default buffer i/o error when installing ubuntu server 8.10

Hi all,

I am in the proces of reinstalling my server. So I thought I will use the new Ubuntu 8.10 for that purpose.

But if I boot from the cd and install begins, I get a bunch of I/O errors?
buffer I/O error on device sr1
If I do the same install with the 8.04 server edition all is fine?
Also the debian 4.0 installs fine.
So I thought of an broken install cd (burned it already twice) and do an manually update of the system from 8.04 to 8.10.
Again after the install and reboot the same errors.

I already put an other hd in my system but again the same errors.
Can it be an memory thing?

What do those warnings mean? Can I ignore those warnings? Is it normal with the Ubuntu 8.10 server version?

Updating my server to Debian Squeeze, so here I go again...
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