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Angry That EASY to DELETE Domains???

I can't believe I got done by this great UI with the great buttons that make no sense.

Unfortunately, didnt think I will need to read a manual to delete an SSL.. but instead it DELETED MY WHOLE DOMAIN!!!

What is a DELETE button doing under SSL or in all the pages without promoting that this action will actually DELETE the WHOLE DOMAIN??

from manual :
2.4.1 Delete SSL Certificate
On the tab "SSL" select "Delete Certificate" in the field "Action".
Click on "Save".

Anyone else would think confirm to DELETE and click on DELETE.

Bravo, to whoever designed this UI.

Lucky in the version of ispconfig I could restore from the recycle bin after an hour of battling and trebbling on what had happened.

Never again even coming close to this product. Too afraid of whats coming next!!

Sorry ppl, but at least have some confirm sequence on such critical actions.

Good luck!
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