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Default OpenQRM Intergration with ISPC3

Hi guys, ive been looking at ispconfig for a wile now and i want to use it in the management and provision of a saas/website system application that im developing.

What i think would take ISP Config to a new level and would become a real contender to compete with companies like parallels on the management and provisioning front would be to integrate with OpenQRM as a OpenQRM service or plugin.

What do you guys think about this type of integration?

OpenQRM is undoubtedly the number 1 datacenter management, monitoring and provisioning application for the network, dhcp, servers/virtual servers and advanced storage like iScsi or AoE with isp config managing the application on these servers like apache, ftp, email, mysql, also your customers and plans and so own.
The two working together in synergy would give the first complete opensource solution to run an advanced hosting/Saas company with redundancy for everything from the begining.

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