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I have the same problem it seems due to the fact that isp_isp_reseller doesn't seem to contain anything. I have noticed that all the historical backups of sysdb all contain this instead of a list of resellers:

LOCK TABLES `isp_isp_reseller` WRITE;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `isp_isp_reseller` DISABLE KEYS */;
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `isp_isp_reseller` ENABLE KEYS */;
I'm pretty sure there should be at least one insert between the comments, right?

I'm not really sure how to recreate my resellers. If someone can help me script a reseller recovery perl script or at least point me in the right direction of where I can get the reseller data from and a proper way to reinsert it into the database.. It would be most kind.

Thank you all in advance,

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