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Originally Posted by renzda2nd

on the installation howto of Horde, it requires me to re-compile php. knowing that i did already install php as per your howto, i skipped the procedure in the Horde howto... Horde didn't work... when i access the test.php page for Horde on a pc on our network, it displays the code and not the page normally seen on the web. since the php re-compilation was the only process i skipped for Horde, I kind of assumed this was the source of my problem...

i hope i'm stating the problem correctly sir... if not, please let me know also.
The problem is not the installation of PHP. In the howto, the PHP parsing is disabled because ISPConfig needs that to enable it on a per website basis. As you skipped the ISPCOnfig installation, PHP files where not parsed anymore.
Compileing PHP wont help you with that problem, you just have to activate PHP parsing again in your httpd.conf.

Please remove the comments that you added in front of the addhandler directives as described in the howto here:
Till Brehm
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