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Default Dataloss during upgrade because of connection drop

Today I tried to upgrade to the newest version of ispconfig2 on my server and noticed a bad dataloss bug during the installation. So what happened?

While the installation (upgrade) was compiling my network connection was resetted. Means my session was lost and I had to reconnect to start the upgrade again. Surprisingly I was ask for all the information again, e.g. SSL certificates. Why that? Hasn't it been stored in the ispconfig? Normally yes but when the compile process was started the ispconfig folder under /root/ was deleted. So no way to gather the former config settings. Luckily I made a backup of this folder right before so I was able to restore the former installation of ispconfig and re-ran the compile process successfully.

To offer users a safe upgrade process the ispconfig folder shouldn't be removed at the beginning. Instead the replacement should happen when the compiler has finished. That also gives the possibility to have a running ispconfig system while the upgrade process is running.

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