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Default Dual use of domain

Originally Posted by till

you have entered as your server domain and then later created a virtual host This will not work, the hostname and domain of the server can not be the same than a hostname of a virtual website.
I have two new domains that I have purchased for this new server that I have just finished building.

I have used one for the server domain and have used it again as a virtual website along with my second new domain name and they both appear to be working correctly. I can access all areas correctly and send and recieve emails log in to ftp create databases view website stats etc without any problems. I can still access all of the admin functions without any problems.

Is this a bad thing?
Should I rebuild the server and use 1 domain for server setup and the other as a virtual website?

How I did it...

1. I built the server using one of my new domain names.
2. I installed ISPConfig using the same domain.
3. I created a reseller.
4. I created a client for that reseller.
5. Selected site management for that client and added the two domains there with no problems.

I thought that was the way to do it as it made sense to me but I am just confused now!


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