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Default email forwarding locally consumes all resources

FC4 - perfect suetup....
Hi folks, all works great until I try to forward email to many same domain email addresses. IE: We have an email address that is used to forward the same message to all employees (from the boss to employees, the boss sends 1 email to the "staff@... email address, which in-turn forwards a copy of that email to 25+ employees).

I was using the actual email address to forward to (25+ email addresses) and the first time, it crashed the computer! The second time around, I did forwarding to 1 user, IE: web1_user1@localhost. This worked ok.

I then did all 25 web1_@localhost and all the computer resources got consumed, it did not crash however, however2- it took about 15 minutes to deliver all the same 25 emails!...

Email forwarding seems ok when forwarding to email on another server.

Tested some more:
1) forwards fine (5 email addreses) to other email server with minimal resource usage.
2) sending email to just 1 local email from 1 local email (just 1 email) system jumps to 100% cpu usage...

Thanks in advance for any input,

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