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Default Sun VirtualBox or VMWare for a virtual ISPConfig?

Hi folks

Here is what I'd like to achieve:
A VirtualMachine with Ubuntu 8.04, running ISPConfig(v3 when it's ready)
Need to be able to move hardware frequently, but wanna run a steady and well tuned system.

This extends also to the question whether it'll be Linux or Windows based?
In the past two years I had to setup our Linux-Server and ISPConfig seven times, due to ISPs issues!! On the other hand we had another very reliable ISP providing a Windows-Server… so I could maybe just run one Server… as neither of the two physical machines have a big load at all.

So far I got some experience with VMware-Server and the VMware-Player on the Windows side, using them in a teaching environment with LAN access only. The Server seemed rather slow, so we used the Player once the VMs were built — no experience with VMware-ESX.

  • A Windows-Server 08 with 2GB RAM should be sufficient, right?
  • How does it work when your ISP gives you only one IP and the Windows-Server already has the IIS running, providing needed HTTP & FTP?
    (Email, some more websites, MySQL etc. will run in the virtual sys)
  • Would an Image with Ubuntu 8.04+ISPConfig set to ~1GB RAM run well in the VMware-Player
    (neither of the two have high loads and I ran Ubuntu 6.06+ISPConfig on 512RAM just fine)
  • Any good reasons for using Sun-VirtualBox — I tried 2.0.2 and it crashed a lot…!?
(Here the base would be an Ubuntu 8.04 Server(1.5GB), running a virtual Ubuntu 8.04+ISPConfig set to ~1GB RAM or more!?)
  • How is VWware on the Linux-Side? I've never tried.
  • Would the Sun-VirtualBox (headless) be the better choice? Strong points?

I'm mostly seeking information and experience on how this works and behaves in a production environment, as I'll step out of our tiny LAN…

Thanks in advance

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