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Tried that guide on a fresh install and everything is working nicely.

Only thing I am having an issue with is connecting to mysql remotely.

I gave the user access, and they can login from phpmyadmin.

Commented out the bind-address in my.cnf also.

Using MySQL Admin I get

Host 'x.x.x.x' is not allowed to connect to this mysql server.

Host table in mysql looks like:

Host 	Db 	Select_priv 	Insert_priv 	Update_priv 	Delete_priv 	Create_priv 	Drop_priv 	Grant_priv 	References_priv 	Index_priv 	Alter_priv 	Create_tmp_table_priv 	Lock_tables_priv 	Create_view_priv 	Show_view_priv 	Create_routine_priv 	Alter_routine_priv 	Execute_priv
% 	% 	Y 	      Y         	Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	        Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	      Y 	        Y 	      Y  	      Y
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