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Post ISP Services wouldn't restart any service, possibly Domain Host configuration issue.

I am experiencing problem changing status of a service in ISP Services, it wouldn't restart any service listed in ISP Services. As I don't know what is the problem I have mentioned three symptoms and trying symptomatic approach. Please advise, your help will be much appreciated.

Symptom 1:
When I change a service value to Restart which was previously On and click on Save, it refreshes the page but the status keeps displaying Restart all the time until I change it back to On and save it again. I believe this is not working and not really restarting the services.

Only thing I can think of can possibly be the domain name and host name configuration as this is the only thinkg I changed in past at some point.

Symptom 2:
They way i have configured domain name is below, can anyone please confirm if this is correct configuration.

DNS points to my Public IP Address.
Unix hostname I have configured as is
/etc/hosts contains ""
- (Not sure if I should specify public IP Address anywhere in hosts or ISPConfig?)
ISP Config Server Settings Domain is while hostname is default as www with IP Address as
- (Not sure if it should be portal and domain should be

Symptom 3:
Also if I try using with a hosted domain or IP address like instead of, I cannot use anything i Management part of ISP Config, everythig else works.
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