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Ok, now the installation worked. Thanks!

I'm curious though, when I first started mydns it hanged, that is I didn't get back my promt. What's up eith the group/user nobody? This is my output:

root@bowie:/etc/init.d# mydns start
mydns: Extraneous command-line arguments ignored
mydns[5012]: error loading gid for group `nobody'
mydns[5012]: using gid 65534 from user `nobody'
mydns[5012]: mydns 1.1.0 started Tue Feb 14 10:28:29 2006 (listening on 3 addresses)
mydns[5012]: bowie up 2m20s (140s) 0 questions (0/s) NOERROR=0 SERVFAIL=0 NXDOMAIN=0 NOTIMP=0 REFUSED=0
mydns[5012]: interrupted
root@bowie:/etc/init.d# cd /
root@bowie:/# /etc/init.d/mydns stop
Stopping DNS server: mydns.
root@bowie:/# /etc/init.d/mydns start
Starting DNS server: mydnsmydns[5052]: error loading gid for group `nobody'
mydns[5052]: using gid 65534 from user `nobody'

I'll continue the rest of the howto tonight. Thanks for your active interest!!
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