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Originally Posted by quentusrex View Post
kalua, you know what? I was thinking about it and I think it would be a better idea for the ISPConfig3 module, if it just copied the drupal files to the client's webfolder. Maybe even have something config drupal, but I would err against that. I believe the ISP should only provide the Drupal software, that way the ISP doesn't have to worry about drupal updates, or accidentally breaking someone's site due to an update.
I think, if the client has everything in its webroot, it would be the most flexible way for the client. He would than be responsible for updates etc.
The setup should be possible just with the client account, so the server admin don't has to do anything.

Maybe there are other voices out there, which wants to offer as much as possible to the client (different cms versions, webmail, everything). If I would be in such a position I would limit the client so such a complex setup would rune smooth.

I'm in favour of the flexible client way...
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