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I don't have multisite apps (apart phpmyadmin) , and I'm thinking about to change this.

Currently I have a client account and this client (me) tries to get the following setup running:


The url domain.tld gets forwared to the drupal subdir. This happens transparent so no url change in the browser url display.
As I have setup the redirect, everything is redirected.

To easy things up I'm using now an drupal.conf and phpmyadmin.conf in /etc/apache/conf.d where settings and rewriting for the apps happens.

I'm able to acces drupal with just domain.tld but if I want to access phpmyadmin it gets rewritten to domain.tld/drupal/phpmyadmin

This is generated from ISPConfig in the vhost file
  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}   ^domain.tld [NC]
  RewriteRule   ^/(.*)$ /drupal/$1  [L]
if I add

  RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/phpmyadmin
I'm able to access phpmyadmin.

The drawback is, if I change settings via ISPConfig then my subdirs are not accessible anymore.
And if I add more apps to supdirs, I have to create more exception rules

Where should I put this exception rule so it doesn't get overridden?

What I'm doing wrong?

Would it be better if I had an multisite install of drupal? I'm using the latest drupal 6.6 and there will be no other drupal installation (5.x). But its likely that there'll be other apps like an wiki or mailman

edit: btw: I'm not familiar with mod_rewrite... just reading apache-docs
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