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Lightbulb ISPConfig3 Install writeups and Software integration modules

I am currently building a list of software that will be very simple to integrate into ISPConfig3. Once I have a list of software, and a better understanding about how to convert a write up to a full module, I'll start getting modules submitted.

Here is a short list of software:
1. RoundCube webmail(this brings up the requirement for clients to be able to choose one webmail over another. This means that the install method where all *.com/webmail/ goes to a single webmail software will have to change to allow different domains to choose different webmail clients)
2. SVN
3. Trac
4. Bugzilla
5. Doxygen for SVN(very very useful for auto documenting source code
6. MediaWiki
7. Drupal (both 5 and 6)
8. Mailman( mailing lists:, and )
9. Requests?

My plan is to be able to allow a hosting providor to offer MANY software choices to the clients.

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