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Default DNS/Nameserver on Opensuse 11 server

Hi people,

I'm trying to get a work/home server setup to work on several projects with other people.
I followed the excellent HOWTO for installing OpenSuse 11 (skipping the ISPconfig specific parts as I do not wish to use it) as a server and have everything running very nicely.

I also have a domain name from OVH which I'm currently using as a redirection address, but it also offers advanced features like DNS NS configuration.

Also my ISP provides me with a fixed IP.

Now, I would like my server to actually "host" this address so that I can configure various subdomains within Apache (eg, etc..) but I'm a bit lost.

I checked the HOWTO section but I'm not sure where to start and am a bit afraid of messing up my whole setup.

Could someone help me out?



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