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Originally Posted by falko
It depends on which package group selections you made during the installation from the CDs.
I did a "Complete" which seems to be all and then some.

Originally Posted by falko
Please double-check your router's settings. Maybe you have to reboot your router.
I did the double check and there is a "Apply Settings" button which I used. I do remember seeing something about rebooting so I will definitely double check that. It crossed my mind today that it may be the named.conf file. I have not edited it yet. I remember I did copy my proftpd.conf to the new hard drive but don't recall doing the same with named.conf.

Speaking of which... isn't there a Linux utility for doing drive images? Seems it would be easier to image my old drive onto the new drive and then add whatever I want after the fact. correct?

Some late night follow-up... I had a really hard time making a network connection from my windoze machine to this new one. I finally realized that I did not disable SELinux since as the set-up states it is done in ISPConfig (which I did not install). After I finally found where the setting for SELinux were I made some udjustments to the Samba settings and ta da!!!

Any suggestions regarding the SELinux settings for HTTPD? I did localhost and got my page but when I clicked a link to my FTP site on the page the connection was refused.

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